Advancing the Interest of Public Safety in Santa Rosa

Dear Caring Community Member,
We are excited to have you interested in making a difference in our community and enhancing Police partnerships! Santa Rosa is a place many of us are lucky to call home, with rich history, contemporary attractions, and a resilient population who are protected 24/7 by the Santa Rosa Police Department. At the Foundation, we believe partnering with our local Police Department will further enhance their mission of making Santa Rosa a great place to live, work, and play.

It is our vision to see a crime-free Santa Rosa with unwavering public trust in the Santa Rosa Police Department. The Foundation has the privilege of providing support to the Police Department and contributing to our community- you can help too!

There are opportunities for you to get involved, donate, or submit an idea on our website. You can also contact us for additional information about the Foundation and the work we do. With your support, we can continue to develop and support programs that bring our community together with the dedicated Police who serve them.

With thanks,

Kevin O’Malley, President

[email protected]

Board of Directors

Kevin O’Malley
Kevin O’MalleyPresident
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Jeff Wandel
Jeff WandelVice President
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Sandra Wandel
Sandra WandelTreasurer
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Remy Gervais
Remy GervaisSecretary
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Marcos Suarez
Marcos SuarezBoard Member
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Haleigh Anderson
Haleigh AndersonBoard Member
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Jennielynn Holmes
Jennielynn HolmesBoard Member
Lieutenant Marcus Sprague
Lieutenant Marcus SpragueDepartment Liaison
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Mustafa Tolosa
Mustafa TolosaNon-voting Member
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